Former site of Koshindo in Hamarikyū

Today I visited Hamarikyū Garden and came over a quote, which I think holds a deep truth.

When I visited the former site of Koshindo, the Audioguide didn’t came with the usual explanation, but asked me to listen to the surroundings.
Then, a little story of Shogun Ienaris wife and his daughter Morihime followed.

Both women went to worship the deity, that was enshrined in Koshindo.

One of them exclaimed: “Oh! There are so many insects calling!” Both women were really pleased about the rich sound of the insects. So the other replied: “What a rare and wonderful thing it is to hear so many insects chirping. And how joyful!”
But what my heart moved was the sentence following:

No matter what era we live in, taking a walk in natural surroundings is healing for the heart!

Because even today. When you are visiting the former site of Koshindo, the insects are still chirping.


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