Early Autumn Blues and Work continues

Are you enjoying the nice weather and cooler temperatures of early autumn?


Niwashyu staff Anika is enjoying it to its fullest!
When not working on new design projects, I am working with all my might on new eBooks for Real Japanese Gardens.

新しいデザインを作って以外、私は一生懸命新しいReal Japanese Gardensの電子書籍を書いています。

Until next year, my goal is to complete all our guides to Tokyo’s gardens!
Recently we published the guide about famous Koishikawa Korakuen.
Hamarikyu is soon to come and Rikugien will follow soon after.


Now is the perfect time to visit gardens in peace before the bustling time of autumn foliage start.
Maybe with one of our guides?

多分、Real Japanese Gardensのガイドブックと?


While doing the research, I am enjoying our green terrace with a Cafe Latte.
As a real German, I am totally addicted to coffee!
Yesterday I visited Shinjuku Gyoen, as it will be the last garden in our „Tokyos Famous Gardens“ series.
They are already building the shelters for the Chrysanthemum exhibition held from November 1st.
In my free time, I am now enjoying visiting Japanese Gardens, old temples and shrines, the mountains and studying the art of real Japanese Gardens.
What are you doing these days?

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