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This is the starting signal for our new series: The Secret Gardens of Tokyo!


I have to admit, I am a little late with publishing this blog about our newest eBook..
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Kyosumi-blog2However, now let me start explaining what is so special with the Kiyosumi garden.
Unlike most of the gardens of the „Famous gardens in Tokyo“ series, Kiyosumi garden is not dated to the Edo period, but to the Meiji period (1868 – 1912).
Although it indeed has its roots deeper in history, it became abandoned in a way Iwasaki Yataro, who purchased the land, had to rebuild a lot. The garden then reflected the taste of the new born Japan.

Kyosumi-blog1Kiyosumi garden was the place where Yataro, his brother and his son showed off the stones they collected from all over Japan.
We can therefore call this garden a stone garden.
Nowhere in Tokyo can more extraordinary stones be found!
The collection is not limited to Keiseki (景石) in a solitaire position, but also to stone settings on the shore and in an impressive dry waterfall.

Other features the garden has to offer are the funeral hall of Emperor Taisho (which was reconstructed out of the hall of his wife), a teahouse in sukiya style, a field with cherry trees, a small cove, Mount Fuji and much more!

Kyosumi-blog3If you got interested, please buy our book!
You will learn more about the history of this garden, more about some handpicked stone arrangements or the most important elements of this garden.




All of this you will find on 14 pages with 31 explaining and scenic pictures.
We deliver in PDF plus mobi (as a small present).
The eBook only costs 1.95$

But maybe if you think, all the work is worth more, then please feel free to enter a price you like.


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