The Best Plum Blossoms in Japanese Gardens

It is the end of February and we already hit the time of plum blossoms with only one month left until famous cherry blossom season starts!

Today I want to introduce some gardens, which hosts great plum and/ or cherry trees!

The early blossoms of plum trees are very underestimated in my opinion. When the plums start to bloom it is the first sign that winter will soon be over. Only one more month to go!
Plum blossoms come in a variety of pinks and white. The one I like most, just as by cherry, is a light green one!
Plum blossoms have a very fragrant scent, unlike cherry. Another very special sight gives plums in snow. Yes, plums bloom that early that it happens to snow while they are in full bloom!

Gardens with nice plum trees or orchards:

Kairakuen in Mito
This garden hosts one of the most famous plum blossom spots throughout Japan.

Sankeien in Yokohama
All around the pond and beneath the pagoda are plum trees.
There is a four-week long plum festival every year.

Koishikawa Korakuen in Tokyo
Here we find an orchard with a great variety of plums.
eBook of Koishikawa Korakuen is available here

Mukojima Hyakkaen in Tokyo
Once hosted over 300 plum trees! Today there are only a few remaining, but is still a nice spot for viewing their flowers.
There is an „Ume matsuri“ festival and they have a flower calendar on their website.

Kyu-Furukawa teien in Tokyo
Only a small plum orchard here, but this garden is always worth a visit!

Kyoto Imperial Palace
There are over 500 trees of plum on the grounds and it is far less crowded that famous plum shrines in Kyoto.

Nijo-jo in Kyoto
On its grounds is a small plum orchard with pink and white flowering plum trees.

Tenryu-ji in Kyoto
There are only two interesting plum trees in Tenryu-ji, but you will see a lot of other flowers as well. You might be lucky to not only enjoy camellia, wintersweet and Japanese quince, but also an early flowering cherry tree!

Ryoan-ji in Kyoto
Around the pond of Ryoan-ji (this temple is not only about the rock garden!) are 80 plum trees, which give a touch of colour here and there.
eBook of Ryoan-ji is available here

Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu
There is a vast plum tree field on the grounds of the Ritsurin Garden where you can take nice photos with the sago palm trees. One more reason to visit this beautiful garden!

I hope you will be able to visit some gardens in this season! Feel free to share your garden pictures in the comments or on our Facebook page!

~ The pictures above do not stand in any connection to the mentioned gardens. ~

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