New eBook! Kyu-Furukawa Teien

With the last eBook about Shōren-in I made an exception, but now I continue with the “Secret gardens of Tokyo” series!
This time I researched and wrote about the Kyu-Furukawa Teien.


I never wanted to visit this garden in the first place, because I thought it would be a western style residence with rose garden only..
But it is so much more!
Some day I discovered pictures of a Japanese garden within the grounds and decided to visit.
It happened to be a visit on a rainy day together with my host father, who owns a gardening company.

I can say, what happened between me and Kyu-Furukawa Teien can be called love at first sight!

I think the western style residence is very impressive. Though I am not a big fan of roses, I liked the neat hedges forming a formal pattern on the lower level.


When I then discovered the Japanese garden on the lowest level almost completely hidden from above, with all the small ingenious features it hosts.. Well..

The Western residence was built by Josiah Conder in 1917 for Furukawa Toranosuke. The architect also designed the rose garden on the lower level.

The Japanese garden, however was designed by Ogawa Jihei, a garden master from Kyoto, which gives this garden a very special atmosphere in contrast to other gardens in Tokyo.

There is a ravine in the garden, several giant lanterns, a dry waterfall, a huge real waterfall, a teahouse and much more to explore.

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All of this you will find on 14 pages with 35 explaining and scenic pictures.
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I hope you have fun with your new eBook about a wonderful secret garden in Tokyo! Feel free to leave a comment here or a review on Goodreads!




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