[Customer Voice] Japanese Moss

I am happy to show you a review of one of Real Japanese Gardens eBooks today.

This review is not about one of our Garden Guides, but about one in our Plants section.
I can openly say that it is our bestseller!

However, read for yourself what our customer has to say about “Japanese Moss”!

This is a fascinating little book. I love visiting temples but my kids hate them so I don’t go very often. When I do go I just love the mossy sections so when I saw this book I decided to read it.

I had no idea there were so many varieties of moss and that it can grow in such varied conditions. To be honest I thought moss was some kind of naturally occurring thing but I’ve since learned it can be planted in the same manner as any other plant. I’m contemplating growing some moss in my own garden now!

The book is an easy but interesting read. Very detailed and clear photographs. Great explanations of the names in English and Japanese as well as the botanical names will make it easy to find these at my local garden centre.

I’m planning a trip to Kyoto later this month so will be looking to see which other books I can read. The gardens are most definitely my favourite part of a temple visit.

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