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This time, the review features a book out of our Explanations section.
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However, today I want to show you the review on our book about “Auspicious plants in Japan”!


“Auspicious plants in the garden”. The title alone had me intrigued from the beginning. This e-book explains very clearly how plants used in Japanese gardens got their auspicious meanings; what they represent if you like and why you should plant them in your garden.
The layout of the book is straight forward and easy to follow. I love how both the Japanese and English names are given for each plant. The example pictures representing each plant are beautifully shot and are taken in a number of different settings.
I feel people who are new to Japanese gardens and those who are more familiar with the plants used would both gain a great deal of knowledge from this e-book. A thoroughly enjoyable read and something I know I’ll be refering back to from time to time.

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