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New eBook! Happo-en


Already one month passed since I published the last eBook.. It seems like yesterday!
However, I had to think hard which eBook to publish next but decided on Happō-en because it is a garden with a very unique history.


When I first visited Happō-en, I was very uncertain. The garden is attached to several restaurants, chapels and event centers. One has to enter through the big gate and no garden is visible. Where to enter?
Luckily the employees were very nice, as it is normal in Japan.

To find the entrance to the garden, I had to turn right and follow the street down to the main building. The garden gate lies inconspicuously to the left.

Behind the gate a wonderful collection of Bonsai trees awaited me and I was stunned by the age of some of them!
They all looked gorgeous in front of the lawn and traditional house, which hosts a restaurant today.


From there I walked down to the pond and listened for some minutes to the cheerfully dabbleing brook.

Before I took a rest in the suichin pavilion, I walked up to the Muan teahouse and the Daigo-shrine.


From the suichin I watched the colourful nishikigoi, the carps, swimming around the loosely placed stones.
Later I met them again in front of the impressive waterfall.
The Happō-en might be only a small garden in the vastness of the big city, but it is a green oasis with a rich and unique history and some very special sights, which can only be seen here!


If you got interested, please buy our book!
You will learn more about the history, the buildings, the stone works and highlights of this garden.

All of this you will find on 15 pages with 37 explaining and scenic pictures.
We deliver in PDF plus mobi (as a small present).
The eBook only costs 1.95$


I hope you have fun with your new eBook about a wonderful secret garden in Tokyo! Feel free to leave a comment here or a review on Goodreads!




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  1. I was really confused by this garden too! I couldn’t tell if it was free, if I was trespassing, if I had to eat at a restaurant to visit it … It was a bit odd but beautiful!

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