New eBook! Mukōjima-hyakkaen

Summer arrived in Japan! Finally it got really really hot and the mosquito are out and try to keep us away from gardens.
But who is a real garden lover will not give in to these tiny little insects and will find other ways to indulge in our passion.
Maybe with sitting outside, but far away from any mosquito, or in a cool café and reading about gardens?


There I have the right announcement to make this day! Real Japanese Garden’s new eBook is now published and ready to purchase!
It is about a very very special garden in Tokyo!

HiganbanaHave you already heard about Mukōjima-hyakkaen?

Then led me introduce it!
Mukōjima-hyakkaen is Tokyo’s only remaining Flower garden.
The garden style we find most often in Japan’s capital city is the daimyo garden, large strolling gardens with wide ponds, small forests and lawns.

Mukōjima-hyakkaen is totally different. Although we have a pond and small waterfall it is not very large and doesn’t feature lawns with pruned shrubs. Mukōjima-hyakkaen focuses on flowers! Between flowerbeds, which have flowering plants throughout the year, you can find old plum trees, a teahouse, traditional earthen bridges, nicely pruned pines and stone monuments with famous Japanese poetry.

This garden is definitely worth a visit and I hope our book will give you a good read if you are not possible to do so!

With our eBook you will learn more about the history and features of the garden and get information, which you can only find this compact and compiled in Real Japanese Garden’s guidebooks together with 20 explaining and scenic pictures on 12 pages.

We deliver in PDF.
The eBook only costs 4.95$


I hope you have fun with your new eBook about a wonderful secret garden in Tokyo! Feel free to leave a comment here or a review on Goodreads!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyikvLt4HJI&w=450&h=253]
RJG presents: Mukōjima-hyakkaen from Real Japanese Gardens on Youtube.



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