Back to work!

Visited March 2017

You may have noticed, that there were no new blog posts during the last months..

I (Anika) took Maternity leave from July 2016 and wasn’t able to concentrate on blog posts during this time..
However, I am back to work now and am already planning on some posts about gardening, garden design and exterior in Japan!
I hope that I will find some time soon to prepare the first ones to go online this month.
I also prepared a new eBook about a beautiful garden in Tokyo!

Thank you for your patience and I hope you can still wait a little bit longer for new updates.

See you soon!

P.s. If you would like me to write about a special topic, feel free to tell me in the comments and I will do my best to publish an interesting article! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Back to work!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment!
      I will add lawn to my “to write list” and publish a blog post about it as soon as I have time 🙂

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