New eBook! The Ninomaru Garden of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

It’s already been a week since I am back to work and it passed too fast!
However, now I had time to finish and publish our new eBook about the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.


When I first visited the Imperial Palace, I was quite confused by the entrance procedure…
Although there is no entrance fee, you have to line up (when it’s full) and get a plastic card at a guard house, which you have to return when you leave the Imperial Palace again.
It’s to be sure at the end of the day, that all visitors left the grounds.
This already shows, that it is not like the other gardens in Tokyo… It’s the public part of the Emperors Imperial Palace!
Once you entered, you need to walk for a while until you reach the garden described in our eBook.
It has a very long history, and changed several times. The area and pond were restored after a picture of the design from Kobori Enshū and over several years, the last Emperors added some features they liked.

With all the knowledge about the history and background of the area, the garden becomes even more stunning!
And it is one of the few places in Tokyo, where you can stand next to these huge and impressive castle walls!

Although our eBook covers the Ninomaru only, there is so much more to explore on the grounds. The Imperial Palace is really worth a visit when you’re in Tokyo!

If you got interested, please buy our book!
You will even learn more about the history and features of the garden. Information which you can only find this compact and compiled in Real Japanese Garden’s guidebooks together with 32 explaining and scenic pictures on 14 pages.

We deliver in PDF plus mobi (as a small present).
The eBook only costs 1.95$


I hope you have fun with your new eBook about a wonderful secret garden in Tokyo! Feel free to leave a comment here or a review on Goodreads!



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