New eBook! Japanese Garden History Part 1 – The Heian Period

The rainy season keeps everyone inside and in front of the computer. Me included. Unfortunately..
But actually, this is to your advantage! Else I wouldn’t do as much on RJG as I do now ^_-

Finally I was able to finish the next eBook!
I started to work on this series maybe three years ago and now the first part (of three) is finished!
It was a really hard way to go, because there is so much to tell and explain and only so few pages to write about it all.


To understand Japanese gardens, it is necessary to gain a little knowledge about Japan’s history as well.

It is fascinating how the development of gardens in Japan is this close connected to the changing lifestyle of Japan’s nobility and the changes in who held the power.

However, because the Heian period covered such a long time, I was only able to turn her alone into a book this time. But don’t think that nothing happened during the Heian period!
There was one very important change happening, which lay the ground for the famous dry landscape gardens.

If you got interested, please buy our book!
You will learn a lot about how the japanese history is intertwined with the development of japanese gardens. The eBook contains information which you can only find this compact and compiled in Real Japanese Garden’s guidebooks!
Everything is explained with 24 pictures of gardens, illustrations and art on 13 pages.

We deliver in PDF plus mobi (as a small present).
The eBook only costs 2.50$

This time we got help by the translator and editor Marina Sun of Marina Sun Translations.


I hope you have fun with your new eBook about the history of Japanese Gardens! Feel free to leave a comment here or a review on Goodreads!



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