New eBook! Japanese Garden History Part 2 – From Kamakura to Azuchi-Momoyama

I hoped for some blog posts between the new eBook announcements, however, work kept me busy and I was not able to finish the two posts I already started..

That’s why, again, you can read about Real Japanese Gardens new eBook.

But I think that’s not so bad either! Because I have a lot of information to tell about Japanese gardens and the history of those.


Actually another eBook was planned, but because of some unpredictable events, the next eBook became part 2 of the Japanese garden history.

To understand Japanese gardens, it is necessary to gain a little knowledge about Japan’s history as well, this is why I started this series in the first place.

It is fascinating how the development of gardens in Japan is very closely connected to the changing lifestyle of Japan’s nobility and the changes in who held the power.

The first book covered the long lasting Heian period with its great pond-pleasure gardens. The second book of the series tells the events happening in the following Kamakura, Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.

These periods were by no means peaceful and we can see how all the changes in power and all the wars influenced the garden styles.

The Heian period laid the foundation for the famous karesansui – dry landscape gardens, which were prominently build in Zen temples. That’s why they are also often called “Zen gardens” in the western world.

Thanks all to the events happening, we find very rough stone settings in these eras, but as contrasts also the very calm tea gardens.

When I did the research for these books, I gained a lot of additional knowledge and I will hopefully pass it on to you!

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I hope you have fun with your new eBook about the history of Japanese Gardens! Feel free to leave a comment here or a review on Goodreads!



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