New eBook: Stone Arrangement!

This book I wanted to do for a long time and now I was finally able to write it. I am so excited!

In the beginning of 2016, I had prescribed bed rest for about a month and during this time I read the Sakuteiki and already wrote down a lot of the text you can read in our new eBook.
So actually it took me over one year before I was able to continue the work on this book!

Because it is hard to find good pictures of stone groups, I took the chance to do a lot of sketches, which I implemented into the book.
Our patrons on Patreon were able to have a look at a lot of these in advance.

But don’t be afraid, there are still a lot of real garden pictures in the book too!
I tried a good balance if both: explaining sketches and beautiful photographs.

But what to expect?
This book is not a real guide for how to create a stone setting in a garden, although it contains the one or other good tip.
It rather explains which settings and basic stone shapes exist and in which content they can be used.
You will learn the names for a lot of compositions and some principles of stone setting.
Here is the table of contents and a look inside the book.
Selecting stones
Stone naming
Introducing Gogyōishi
Stone settings:
– Sanzon ishigumi
– One stone arrangement
– Two stone arrangement
– Three stone arrangement
– Five stone arrangement
– Seven stone arrangement
– Shumisen arrangement
– Uzumaki arrangement
– Cave arrangement
– Yodomari arrangement
– Shichigosan arrangement
Waterfall types
Island types
Wall types
Setting stones in the garden

As always it will be delivered in pdf (14 MB) and mobi (16 MB) as a small present and comes with 44 hand-drawn illustrations and photographs of stone arrangements.

We got proofreading assistance by Locksleyu of
Make sure to visit his page, it is amazing! And by the way, he is also a happy owner of a Japanese garden.

I am sure it will help you understand stone settings in Japanese gardens and also by creating your own one!

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