[New book] Japanese Garden History on Amazon

This book announcement is very special!

It is the first time I am not announcing one of our common books sold on Gumroad, but, with Japanese Garden History, a book specially designed for Amazon!

Some of our regular readers might remember the three single volumes, featuring the Japanese garden styles from the Heian period until the Heisei period.

On today’s book, I worked over the last few months to bring our very own format into a kindle compatible style, let the books been checked once again through a proofreader, and asked a graphic designer to create a beautiful book cover for our needs on Amazon.

With this, a whole new book was created, which even comes as a paperback as print on demand option! While the paperback’s design is similar to the kindle version, it has all features a good print book should have, i.e. continuous chapter headings on the top of each page and, of course, page numbers! Other than the Kindle version, there are no pictures or graphics separated from their subtitles and no single words appearing on the top of a page. Due to kindle’s flowing design, this might happen in the Kindle edition.

But enough about the style of both books! Let’s have a look at the content of Japanese Garden History:

The book is analyzing every time period in Japanese history from the Heian Period (794-1192) until the Heisei Period (1989-2019).

Each chapter is describing the political changes between each era of Japan and what this meant for the development of the gardens. Stereotypical garden forms, which evolved during a special time period are as well highlighted as typical garden elements for one era or one garden type. You can learn how the dry landscape gardens evolved, what a significant feature of Momoyama period gardens is, or when stone lanterns became part of Japanese gardens.

Link to Amazon paperback Every part of the book is written in an easy-to-understand writing style, that even non-professionals will understand every explanation and gain a larger perspective of the history of Japanese gardens. The book explains how the gardens developed in the first place, and how they evolved in the greater context of Japan’s history.

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Are you curious? Perfect! Then please follow this link to have a look inside the book and, to buy it! I am looking forward to your rating and review!

P.s. The paperback edition comes with kindle matchbook for free!

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