Gravel Pattern in the Japanese garden samon

The Art of Gravel Pattern in the Japanese Garden  (砂紋)

Zen gardens with their gravel patterns are usually the first association people have when thinking about Japanese gardens. Reduced colors and little vegetation let the eye rest and calm the mind, giving the garden a peaceful atmosphere.

This is where a subtle, yet intriguing design feature of Japanese gardens comes into play – The carefully raked gravel patterns of rock and sand gardens. When the low morning or evening sun casts long shadows in the garden, the texture of rocks and gravel take center stage.

Gravel pattern / Sand pattern

Ren-mon 漣紋 – Ripple patterns
Ryūsui-mon 流水紋 – Stream patterns
Kyokusen-mon 曲線紋 – Meandering stream patterns
Mori-zuna 盛砂 – Sand piles
Shokubutsu-mon 植物紋 – Plant patterns
Uzumaki-mon 渦巻紋 – Vortices
Maru‐uzu-mon 丸渦紋 – water drop wave patterns
Chokusen-mon 直線紋 – Straight line patterns
Ginkaku-ji 銀閣寺 – Gravel pattern of the Silver Pavilion

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