Ponds in the Japanese garden
(池・流れ 日本庭園)

Ponds in the Japanese garden are a central part of the traditional Japanese garden design.

Already the Sakuteiki stated that a garden is made of water, rocks, and plants.

This eBook gives an overview over basic pond shapes and their meanings. It will explain how ponds were traditionally built and how this changed over time until today.

Reading this book will give everyone who is interested in Japanese gardens and might want to build a pond at home, an idea what is important before starting the project.

But even for people without a garden, the eBook gives interesting insights in the Japanese garden culture of several centuries.

Contents of the eBook:

  • Introduction
History of ponds in Japanese gardens
The meaning of ponds
  • Pond stereotypes
Rivers or streams in the Japanese garden
  • Waterfalls in the Japanese garden
  • Building Ponds

15 informative pages, packed with
29 (hand drawn) illustrations, and photographs of ponds, rivers, and waterfalls
pdf 16 MB

The eBook is delivered as PDF.

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Elements & Explanations