Stone Arrangement in the Japanese Garden

Stone arrangement in the Japanese garden  (庭石 石組み 景石)

The arrangement of stones is one of the most important elements when creating a Japanese Garden.

In the oldest preserved manual of Japanese gardening, garden making was called “ishi wo taten koto” – erecting stones.

Zen gardens with their stone arrangements are usually the first association people have when thinking about Japanese gardens. Reduced colors and little vegetation let the eye rest and calm the mind, giving the garden a peaceful atmosphere.

This eBook will introduce you to the most common stone arrangements in Japanese gardens and teach you the very basics of stone setting in four easy illustrations.

Selecting stones
Stone naming
Introducing Gogyōishi
Stone settings:
Sanzon ishigumi
One stone arrangement
Two stone arrangement
Three stone arrangement
Five stone arrangement
Seven stone arrangement
Shumisen arrangement
Uzumaki arrangement
Cave arrangement
Yodomari arrangement
Shichigosan arrangement
Waterfall types
Island types
Wall types
Setting stones in the garden

12 informative pages, packed with
44 hand drawn illustrations and photographs of stone arrangements
pdf 14 MB
mobi 16 MB

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Elements & Explanations