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Discover Japan’s gardens by the historical period they were built in.
Click on the period and see the gardens on the time line. When the exact founding dates of a garden are unknown,
we placed them in the middle of the time line.

  • Exciting Gardens: This category collects all the gardens that get you excited as soon as you enter the front gate.
    Wonderful views, an ever changing landscape, picture-perfect arrangements and a lot of things to discover…
  • Calming Gardens: Gardens that calm you, soothe your soul and let you take a break from everyday life are collected in this category.
  • Heian 794-1192
  • Kamakura 1192-13332
  • Muromachi 1336-1573
  • Azuchi-Momoyama 1573-1603
  • Edo 1603-1868
  • Meiji 1868-1912
  • Taishō 1912-1926
  • Shōwa 1926-1989
  • Heisei 1989-

Heisei Period  (平成時代・1989-)