Sanbō-in (Daigō-ji)(醍醐寺 三宝院)

Sanbō-in is a temple of the Shingon school of Buddhism. It is a sub-temple of Daigō-ji and especially known for its beautiful garden.
The temple was built in 1115 (Heian period) and rebuilt in 1598 (Azuchi-Momoyama period). The garden is a large pond garden, with numerous stones and famous cherry and plum trees.

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How to get there
From Kyoto station, take the Nara line towards Nara and get off after two stops at Rokujizo station. Change here for the Tozai line towards Uzumases Tenjingawa. After 4 minutes and two stops you will arrive at Daigo station. From there, either take a taxi to the temple (1.1km) or walk in westwards direction (15 minutes).

Opening times
March-November: 9am – 5pm
December-February: 9am – 4pm
Last entry: 30 minutes before closing date.

1000 Yen
March 20 – End of Golden Week 1500 Yen

22 Daigohigashiojicho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 601-1325