Kōmyō-in (Tōfuku-ji)(光明院)

Kōmyō-in is one of Tofuku-ji temples sub-temples. It was founded in 1391 (Muromachi period) by Kinzan Myosho. In 1939, Shigemori Mirei laid out the dry landscape garden in front of the main building.

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How to get there
Take the Nara line from Kyoto station towards Nara. Get off at the first stop, Tōfuku-ji, and walk in southern direction until you get to Tōfuku-ji.

Opening times
7am – sunset

November: 300 yen
Rest of the year: donation

JP: 京都市東山区本町15丁目809
EN: 15 Chome-809 Honmachi, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0981