Nowadays, the Namikawa residence is a museum of Cloisonné objects by the artist Namikawa. He used to live and work in this house. Because he became internationally successful after exhibiting at the World Fair in Paris in 1878 and 1889, he often had foreign guests staying at his house.

For that reason, he built the sliding doors higher than usual and also used a lot of glass instead of paper screens. The garden of the Namikawa-ke is rather small, but well maintained and beautiful.

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How to get there
From Kyoto station, take the city bus number 100 and get off after 7 stops at Higashiyama-Sanjo (東山三条).
Walk east for around 300 meters. After you cross the small stream, turn left and walk one block north. The museum should be on your left side.

Opening times
10am – 4:30pm
Temporarily closed until spring 2023

800 Yen

Higashiyama-Ku, Sanjo-dori, Urajiro-Kawasuji Horiike-cho 388