Rokuo-in Japanese Garden in Kyoto

Rokuō-in  (鹿王院庭園)

In western Kyoto, near the Arashiyama hills, lies the Rinzai Zen temple Rokuō-in. It was built in 1380. The small Zen garden has a tsukubai, trimmed shrubs and some great maples. In fact, the best season to visit this garden is autumn, when the maples turn a bright red.

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    How to get there
    From Kyoto station, take the JR Sanin Main line towards Sonobe (園部) from platform 32, 33. Get off after 16 minutes at the sixth stop Saga-arashiyama (峨嵐山). From there, walk 400 meters in eastern direction.

    You can also use the Rokuo-in train station on the Kyofuku-Arashiyama line.

    Opening times
    9am – 5pm

    300 Yen

    Kyoto-Shi, Ukyō-Ku, Saga-Kitabori-cho 24