Sokushū-in (Tōfuku-ji)  (即宗院)

Sokushu-in is a small sub-temple of Tōfuku-ji. It only open in autumn, which is also the best time to visit it.
Unknown to most visitors and a little off the main temples, it is a great place to escape the masses of tourists visiting in Tōfuku-ji in autumn.

The temple was built as a villa for a member of the Fujiwara clan in 1196. In 1387, the temple was founded on the grounds of the old villa.

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How to get there
Take the Nara line from Kyoto station towards Nara. Get off at the first stop, Tōfuku-ji, and walk in southern direction until you get to Tōfuku-ji.

Opening times
Only open on special days in autumn, check this website for more information (Japanese only):

300 Yen