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Kitaya Shōten
吉鳥唐草 鳥 古典柄

The arabesque pattern is a classic auspicious pattern that has the meaning of “prosperity” and “longevity” because it has a strong vitality and the vine grows without breaking.

By making the motif larger than usual to give the presence of arabesque, and adding a cute bird motif to it, it is presented in a modern way without becoming a heavy classic pattern. It was made from this thought.
But after all, the color is the traditional arabesque color!

Approximately 34cm x 90cm (13,3in x 35,4in)
Tokuoka (特岡) fabric used (it’s a fabric with a smooth texture)
100% cotton

※ product is hand-dyed and made of natural materials. Changes in color and differences to the product pictures can and might appear!
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