Taketora – PALM BROOM (mini)



A mini broom made by bundling thin fibers called plucked hair from palm bark. Not only can it be used as a tabletop broom, but it is also a convenient broom that is perfect for cleaning small areas in your home, such as scraping dust from windows, sashes, shoji screens, and sliding doors.
Since it is water resistant, it can also be used in the garden.

The string part of the handle uses hemp palm rope woven from the same palm bark as the broom part. In addition, the palm bark, which is carefully wrapped with copper wire, gives a sense of beauty and robustness that can withstand decades of use. Since hemp palm is a water-resistant material, it can be washed with water

Before using the palm broom
Although the hemp fiber is dusted off at the finishing stage of the hemp broom, since it is a natural material, hemp palm dust will fall off at the beginning of use. When you receive it, first of all, please put it outside or on a newspaper.

How to wash a palm broom
Palm is a material that is resistant to water. If it is very dirty, it can be washed with water, but please be careful not to get the wire wet as it will rust.

1. Take care not to get the wire wet, soak it in running water and wash it slowly by combing it with your fingers.
2. Using a scrub brush, etc., trace several times in the direction of the hair ends.
3. After lightly draining the water, avoid direct sunlight and hang in a well-ventilated place to dry.

Approximately 14cm (5.5in diameter)
Material: Palm
Country of Origin: Made in Japan/domestic production
(Uses palm bark from China)

*Because it is handmade with natural materials, the shape, color, and size may differ slightly from the photo.

Airmail: 2 ~ 3 weeks
        Airmail Express: 4 days
        Surface: 2 ~ 3 months

Additional information

Weight 0.21 kg


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