This beautiful landscape garden in Yokohama is one of Japan’s youngest gardens. Construction works began in 1902 and it was opened to the public in 1906. The founder of the garden, Sankei Hara, a silk trader from Yokohama, has collected numerous buildings from all over Japan. Japanese buildings can often be dismantled and put together in another place. This is what Sankei did to preserve these historically significant buildings.

The garden has several ponds and streams. In the outer garden, next to the main pond, the Main Hall and three-storied pagoda of Tōmyō-ji temple in Kyoto have been rebuilt.

Contents of the eBook:
Introduction to Sankei-en
The Gardens of Sankei-en
Buildings of the Inner Garden
Buildings of the Outer Garden
Map and Overview
Around Kōmyō-in

16 informative pages, packed with 10 hand drawn illustrations and 29 photographs of the buildings and scenic landscape
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