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Welcome to the Garden Finder! There are so many big and small, calming and exciting, famous and secret gardens in Japan, it’s easy to lose track. The Garden Finder helps you to get the bigger picture of Japan’s garden landscape. For exploring a specific part of Japan, you can click on the area name on the map or choose “Other regions”. If you want to find gardens from a particular historical period, click the timeline and you are ready to explore. You can find more explanations on the help page.

Find by Area

  • Kyoto Area
  • Tokyo Area
  • Kamakura Area
  • Other Regions

Find by Style

  • Pond strolling garden
  • Dry landscape garden

Find by Period

  • Heian 794-1192
  • Kamakura 1192-13332
  • Muromachi 1336-1573
  • Azuchi-Momoyama 1573-1603
  • Edo 1603-1868
  • Meiji 1868-1912
  • Taishō 1912-1926
  • Shōwa 1926-1989
  • Heisei 1989-