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Famous Gardens

Famous Gardens
Japan’s finest gardens can be found in Kyoto, Kamakura and Tokyo – The cities have been capitals and centers of Japanese culture and religion for centuries. The gardens, temples, palaces with world-famous gardens have seen times of war, devastating fires, earthquakes and survived until today for you to enjoy.


Secret Gardens

Secret Gardens
Kyoto, for example, has an unbelievable number of gardens – there are the ones that are in all the guide books and there are the ones that are lesser known, but nonetheless spectacular. Some of these gardens are only open for a few weeks in autumn or require reservation a few months in advance. Void of tourist masses, visiting these garden is much more enjoyable.


Private Gardens

Private Gardens
After having seen the big gardens of famous temples and imperial residences, one wonders: What do real Japanese house gardens look like? How do people in modern Japan design their own outdoor living spaces? What do they look for in a garden? How do they deal with the issue of limited space? And how do they mix their country’s rich garden culture with the needs of everyday life?


Featured Gardens

Daitoku-ji Obai-in temple garden in Kyoto

Ōbai-in, sub-temple of Daitoku-jiin Kyoto

Adachi Museum of Art Japanese Garden

Adachi Museum of Art in Yasugi, Shimane prefecture

Ryugon ryokan Japanese Garden in Niigata

Ryokan ryugon in Niigata with several gardens

Tokyo National Museum Japanese garden

Gardens of the Tokyo National Museum

Zuiho-in Daitoku-ji Zen Garden Kyoto

Zuihō-in with a Christian inspired garden

Kyoto's most famous gardens

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Hasedera temple Japanese Garden in Kamakura

Hasedera with modern garden in Kamakura

Kyu Asakura-ke Japanese garden in Tokyo



The Gardens

Adachi Museum of Art
Ryokan ryugon in Niigata prefecture
Ginkaku-ji Silver Pavilion in Kyoto Japan
Zuiho-in Daitoku-ji in Kyoto Japan
Ryoan-ji dry landscape rock garden in Kyoto in Japan
Daisen-in in Daitokuji, Kyoto, Japan
Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion Rokuon-ji in Kyoto Japan
Saiho-ji Kokedera moss temple in Kyoto Japan