Secret Gardens

Secret Gardens Kyoto Area

Secret Gardens in Kyoto
Kyoto, for example, has an unbelievable number of gardens – there are the ones that are in all the guide books and there are the ones that are lesser known, but nonetheless spectacular. Some of these gardens are only open for a few weeks in autumn or require reservation a few months in advance. Void of tourist masses, visiting these garden is much more enjoyable.


Secret Gardens Tokyo Area

Secret Gardens in Tokyo
Where are they, the secret gardens of Tokyo? In the narrow streets of the old Edo, hidden behind high walls, most of Tokyo’s green gems were gardens of samurai residences. Tokyo became Japan’s capital with the beginning of the Edo period. During these peaceful times, the members of the warrior class became bureaucrats and administrators of the shogunate, and settled in picturesque estates around Tokyo.


Secret Gardens Kamakura Area

Secret Gardens in Kamakura
If you wander the narrow streets of the sleepy town Kamakura nowadays, it is hard to imagine that it used to be the world’s biggest city at the beginning of the Japanese medieval era. A lot of the temples and shrines have seen wars, fires, times of peace and times of neglect over the 700 or more years, but survived until today – together with their gardens.


Secret Gardens Other Regions

Secret Gardens in Other Regions
Pick a road less traveled and discover cute towns and old gardens in Japan’s countryside. Some of these smaller towns have surprisingly magnificent gardens, others are little gems you discover along the way. Experience the real Japan and you’ll find that the people in countryside are very warm and welcoming. Plus, really good food can be found here for little money.


Featured Gardens

Shoren-in Japanese garden in Kyoto

A monzeki temple in Kyoto

Kyu Asakura-ke Japanese garden in Tokyo


Hasedera temple Japanese Garden in Kamakura

Hasedera with modern garden in Kamakura

Ryugon ryokan Japanese Garden in Niigata

Ryokan ryugon in Niigata with several gardens

The Gardens

Ryokan ryugon in Niigata prefecture