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Plants in the Japanese Garden

Plants in Real Japanese Gardens
The Japanese love the changing of the seasons – a plant’s budding and flowering, changing of the leaf color and dying is noticed and valued by young and old alike. Although Japanese gardens have a lot of evergreen plants, there are usually one or two plants in every garden that represent each season and take center stage for a few weeks.

In each of the e-books, we showcase a plant group, point out the different species and cultivars available and give maintenance advice. However, to create Japanese planting in a climate different from Japan, you sometimes have to find alternatives to Japanese plants. If possible, we try to list plants that give you a Japanese look and feel and thrive in your climate.
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Plants - The Books

Auspicious Plants in the Japanese garden
Plants in the garden Vol.1 Cover
Plants in the Japanese Garden Bamboo
Plants in the Japanese Garden Moss