Japanese Garden Calendar 2019

Real Japanese Gardens – Original Calendar 2019

Since 2015 I wanted to create an original Real Japanese Gardens Calendar, but never found a format, which I really liked. Until this year!

Japanese Garden Calendar 2019

I always have a calendar on my desk for fast reference, but most of the ones, which are available, are boring paper ones.

This year I found a Japanese printing company, which creates calendars in postcard format and send them out with a wooden stand. They are really pretty and I can use the pictures of the gardens later to decorate bullet journals, to put them on my wall, or else.

Japanese Garden Calendar 2019

And I really, really hope, that our readers like this kind of calendar as much as I do!

If you became interested in this calendar too, please visit our product page on Gumroad to get more information: https://gumroad.com/l/calendar2019

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