Japanese Garden History Heian

Japanese Garden History Part 1 – The Heian Period   (日本庭園歴史 平安時代)

The Heian Period

To understand Japanese gardens, it is necessary to gain a little knowledge about Japan’s history as well.

It is fascinating how the development of gardens in Japan is this closely connected to the changing lifestyle of Japan’s nobility and the changes in who holds the power.

In this series we want to show how the gardens evolved over time, starting with the Heian period and it’s great pond gardens.


The Tale of Gama-ike
The First Half of the Heian Period
The Second Half of the Heian Period
The Tale of Prince Genji
The Fujiwara era
The Sakuteki

13 pages full of information about the History of Japanese Gardens.
24 pictures of gardens, illustrations, and art.
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Japanese Garden History Trailer
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