Japanese Garden History Part 2 - Kamakura - Momoyama Period(日本庭園歴史 鎌倉時代 - 安土桃山時代)

From the Kamakura until the Momoyama period

To understand Japanese gardens, it is necessary to gain a little knowledge about Japan’s history as well.

It is fascinating how the development of gardens in Japan is this closely connected to the changing lifestyle of Japan’s nobility and the changes in who holds the power.

In this series we want to show how the gardens evolved over time, continuing with the Kamakura-, Muromachi, and Momoyama period with their incomparable dry landscape and tea gardens.

Contents of the eBook

  • The Kamakura period and the rise of Zen
  • Shoin-zukuri and first semi-professional gardeners
  • Musō Soseki
  • The Muromachi period
  • Transformation of Saihō-ji temple and Tenryū-ji temple
  • The Ashikaga shoguns and their temple residences
  • Three types of dry landscape gardens
  • The Azuchi-Momoyama period
  • Kobori Enshū and his karikomi pruning style
  • Tea gardens
  • Summary

19 pages full of information about the History of Japanese Gardens.
31 pictures of gardens,
illustrations, and art.

The eBook is delivered as PDF.

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