Shūraku-en is a park in Tsuyama city in the prefecture Okayama. The garden was built after the model of the Kyoto Sento Imperial Palace for the daimyo Mori Nagatsugu. The garden designer was a disciple of Kobori Enshu, the famous Japanese garden designer and tea master.

The garden is laid out as a pond strolling garden around the southern pond, with a small stream meandering through the garden. The Chukoku mountains are used as a background for the garden (shakkei – 借景).
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How to get there
From Okayama main station, take the JR Tsuyama line (1 hour 10 minutes) from platform number 9 towards Tsuyama (津山).
From Tsuyama station, either take a taxi (10 minutes) or walk around 30 minutes in nothern direction.

Free to enter

EN: 628 Yamakita, Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture 708-0004, Japan
JP: 〒708-0004 岡山県津山市山北 628