Koishikawa Korakuen Public Garden Tour Tokyo September 2, 2024


A tour through the early-autumn Koishikawa Korakuen garden, famous for its many maple trees and two pond gardens.
Led by the garden professional Anika Ogusu.
On September 2, 2024

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Airmail: 2 ~ 3 weeks
        Airmail Express: 4 days
        Surface: 2 ~ 3 months


We will meet at the main entrance of Koishikawa Korakuen at 10 AM, September 2, 2024.
After getting our tickets for the garden (300 Yen, not included in the ticket price) we will start the tour and I will tell you everything interesting about the garden’s history and its elements.

I planned the tour to be finished around lunch, but please feel free to stay in the garden afterwards if you like.

Questions about the garden are welcome anytime.

Please bring your kids along but understand that I won’t interrupt the tour in case of “emergencies”. You are welcome to leave or join the group at any time. I understand that children can be louder, especially when bored, however, in case other participants will not be able to understand me, I will ask you to stay a little bit behind.

The tour is taking place in the rain! Note that Japanese gardens look especially nice when everything is wet.

I will cancel the tour only if the forecast predicts heavy rain, storm, or due to an emergency on my side.

Every participant of 15 years or older is asked to pay the fee of 20 Dollar for this 1-2hour+ tour.

The tour will only take place with 3 or more participants!

I will refund the amount for the tour in case we receive a cancellation Email 24 hours prior to the set date, but withhold the transaction fees.
The host can cancel the tour even in the morning prior the tour in case an emergency happens. In this case, the amount is fully refunded.
It is impossible to claim any other expenses you have made prior to participate in the tour.


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