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Nakamura Ryoji – Ash-glazed wisteria-patterned matcha tea bowl


Nakamura Ryoji

This is a matcha tea bowl with a wisteria flower by Kiyomizu-yaki potter Nakamura Ryoji.

Wisteria flowers, with their long, swaying tassels and many blossoms, also appear in the Tale of Genji picture scrolls, and have been said to be a symbol of beautiful women with a lustrous look, like a long-sleeved kimono.

Dimensions: Approx. diameter 11cm x height 8cm (4.33inch x 3.14inch)
comes in a wooden box
made in Japan

*Since these are handmade, each one will vary in shape, color, and size.

※ About the color of the vessel
Due to the lighting at the time of photography, the type and settings of your computer or monitor,
the color of the actual product may look different from the published image.
Please note in advance.

※ How to care for tableware
Before using for the first time

There is no need to boil our tableware in hot water when you first start using it. It will not affect its durability, and the color will deteriorate if you boil it in a pot or leave it in water for a long time, so please wash it lightly and use it as is.

About using in ovens and microwaves
●You can use it in a microwave, but we do not recommend it as it is prone to cracking due to sudden changes in temperature.
●If you use colored or gold/silver painted items in a microwave, the glaze will melt and the colored painting will peel off, so please avoid using it as much as possible.

After use
※ Wash with diluted neutral detergent and dry thoroughly before storing. Leaving it half-dried can cause mold and make it more likely to absorb odors.

Ceramics have cracks on the surface called crazing.
This is a unique and elegant feature.
It is highly absorbent and breathable, and the longer you use it the more character and texture it will develop.

※ product might be sold-out even though being available on this site. We will refund the whole amount in this case
※ ships from Japan. Due to COVID, shipping is still restricted. Please check the options for your country during checkout. Shipping may take longer than indicated.
※ customs fees may apply in your country. It is either be paid to the delivery service or at the customs office by yourself. Other fees may apply regarding of the rules in your country

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