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Design Parts Collection
In Japanese Traditional Style Garden

design book 建築資料研究社出版部編




I found this book on the Garden & Exterior Design fair of Takasho.

There is one publisher specialised in everything garden, design, exterior and interior.
I already loved it for their magazines “Exterior & Garden” and “庭” (Niwa – Garden).

However, when I saw this book, I knew I needed it! Badly!
I was happy it was only about 2000¥ with fair discount.
I would have even payed more and I need to say, that I don’t like to spend a lot of money on books.
I love books, but I just can’t afford one title of about 4500¥ (39.90$).
Nontheless I even bought another book for 3500¥. The Exterior Planner Handbook. I just need a book with all the rules summed up..

But back to my new favorite book:
As the title promises you find all the parts used in a traditional Japanese garden in this book.
Everything with detailed illustrations! Until now I had to search the internet for the name if one special lantern style, which wasn’t always easy, now I have all common ones in one book.
Here you can see a look through:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0GUoGyuChk]

As you could see, there are really a lot of sketches of garden parts!
Together with their Kanji and Romanization. But unfortunately without translation or explanation. But that’s no problem, I normally can find every information I want and the names already help a lot.

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