Shōren-in is one of the five Monzeki temples of the Tendai sect located in Kyoto.

Since its sixth head priest Dokaku, until the Meiji period every head priest was a member of the imperial family.

This temple, founded in the late Heian period, has two famous Japanese gardens.
It is said that the main garden with the ryūjin no ike pond was built by Soami during the Muromachi period.
The other garden, kirishima no niwa, was created by Kobori Enshū during the Edo period.

Although it is well known among foreign and local tourists alike, on visiting it gives a tranquil feeling.

Contents of the eBook:
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Buildings
  • Gardens
  • Highlights
  • Anikas Impressions
  • Around Shōren-in

14 pages full of information about the temple
33 pictures of the gardens

The eBook is delivered as PDF.

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How to get there
10 min walk from Tozai Subway Line Higashiyama Station (東山駅) or Bus 206 to Chion-in mae (知恩院前)

JP: 〒605-0035 京都府京都市,東山区粟田口三条坊町69−1

69-1 Awataguchi Sanjobo-cho Higashiyama-ku、Kyoto-shi

500 Yen

Opening hours
9am to 5pm